Fruit Helmuts [weibo]


So… I decided to make a mini iron throne for my mobile phone. A couple of hours, loooots of swords and hot glue.

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i watched this about 47 times

These two are going places.

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Nom Banh Chao/ Xeo
Asian crepes

We ran out of beer so I used Coco Rico in the batter. I was going to use Vodka but then I realized we only have lemon and raspberry flavors. I don’t think that would’ve tasted right. Haha. The soda helped make the crepes crispier. I think beer would’ve been better though. I love the roasted coconut in the filling with the minced meat. (My mom said the roasted coconut is a Battambang thing.) Thanks to my mom’s green thumb we always have fresh herbs on hand and she sprouted her own bean sprouts in just 4 days. Mine took a week. I’ll follow her method next time.

Ahhh man. This is all I’ve been eating for the last two days. Sooo good. :)

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I love their fries.

I love their fries.

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Ichiban kuji

chibi snk characters



Bless you, Canada. Bless you.

Bruh I’m posted in Canada right now at Chia’s house, and I don’t even fuck with chocolate treats like that, but those COFFEE CRISPS THO! 


A 22 year old asian-canadian who still gets mistaken for a 12 year old.